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E-ATX format case 47X32X47 centimeters. Base weight 11Kg. It can support up to 360mm of radiator on the side, 360mm on top and up to 140mm behind. It can take up to 422mm of length from a graphics card.


Make an AM5 motherboard choice if the processor is 7000 series or higher and an AM4 motherboard choice if the processor is any other series lower than 7000.

AM5 motherboard

AM4 motherboard



Storage memory

It is possible and suggested to take more than one item from this category for more storage memory.

*Please note the quantities to choose will vary depending on the M.2 and SATA sockets available on each motherboard. If in doubt, it is suggested to take 2 M.2 models and one or more storage memories of another model. It is also possible to take an M.2 extension in the category of additional accessories.

Graphic card

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