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Site Policies

Purchase and refund policy

Purchase and delivery policies

Once your order is placed, we will send you an email confirming your order along with all other relevant order details. The email will be sent within 24 hours of your payment.

Delivery is made three to five weeks from your email confirmation. We ship with Post Canada or Purolator and your package will be delivered depending on the delivery method chosen and delivery time may vary depending on your location. It is possible, however, that the delivery is late and/or that the handling is not respected. PCsPassion will ensure that all delivery conditions are mentioned but can't be held responsible for the execution of these by an external company. Know that you become the owner of the product once the package is picked up by the delivery person. Please follow the return and warranty policies from now on.

*Please note that we deliver only across Quebec and any external order will unfortunately be refused for the moment.

Sales Tax Policy

PCsPassion is a registered company and has the obligation to receive and pay sales taxes in Quebec. To do this, your invoice includes taxes on GST (5%) and QST (9.975%). Please note that a third tax will be imposed upon your payment. This is PCsPassion's own tax on the assembly and work done on your order. There is an assembly tax (8%) that each customer should pay regardless of the amount and/or quantity of the items on your order.

Orders Policy

PCsPassion has a total right to refuse and/or limit the quantities ordered at its own discretion.

Collection Policy

A signature will be required during delivery/pickup. Once the document has been signed, by you or by a person who answers to the address and/or name indicated on your invoice, the delivery will be considered received by the buyer.  


Returns Policy

You can cancel your order free of charge, at any time, during a period of 7 days from the payment. Once your package delivered, you have 30 days to declare a return at your delivery costs. After this period, the warranty policies apply. Any reason for return will be accepted if it is reasonable use and/or manufacturing damage. During this 30 day period, the computer will be replaced (the part in question) or refunded on the card of the payment in full. We are responsible for testing and verifying your computer before shipping. In addition, we will send you pictures of your working computer just before shipment and ask you to do the same if you need to return the product describing the damage and or the problem you are facing.

*It is advisable to send us as much evidence as possible before return/delivery to prove the damage observed.

Warranty Policy


Following your 30-day period, the guarantees on each component of your computer apply.
Each component has its own number of days to apply the guarantee and its own procedure. We hold ourselves responsible, 90 days from your purchase, to claim warranty on your computer components(Misuse of products/parts will be denied). To do this, please keep your warranty card that you received with your computer, return this same card to us with your computer and contact the reason and, if necessary, the images by our email:
Once the period of 90 days has passed, you must contact the manufacturer of the part in question by your own means and at your own expense. It is important to note that all parts that are unsealed, unscrewed and/or are modified from their manufacturing appearance, for any reason, will automatically lose all warranties with PCsPassion.

Price changes/corrections


PCsPassion owns the absolute right to modify the prices of the final products at any time. All the same, PCsPassion is held responsible for following the law on the accuracy of prices. It is important to note that PCsPssion only sells end products and the policy is applied on the final amount of the transaction and not on each item in particular. Please note that payment on our Site is made in Canadian dollars, so the amount you pay may vary depending on your card type, but your financial institution may charge you additional fees which will result in a different price than on your invoice. In this case, PCsPassion is not obliged to reimburse and/or modify the amount paid.

Updated 05/03/24

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