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Site Policies

Our policies

Anyone who uses the PCsPassion website at is responsible for reading, accepting and complying with the policies of this Site.



Customer Privacy

Our priority is to offer our customers a simple environment, easy to access, but most importantly safe. Any information provided to us by customers and/or website visitors will be used only for the purpose of invoicing, for delivery, in a case where the law requires it or for an investigation carried out due to a violation of the policies of the Site and this for any reason that PCsPassion considers it valid and at any moment. At no time will this information be used to share with a third (non-legal) party or even publicly. All information collected is strictly confidential and will be disclosed between PCspassion and the customer in question under conditions of use that respect the rules.


Site Usage Policy

Our goal is to offer each client and/or visitor a safe site and a holy environment. To do this, we don'twill not tolerateno violation of the following rules:

- This website must be used in a respectful manner for other customers, visitors and for any other third party doing business with PCspassion. Any comment insulting or denigrating another user is strictly prohibited and will be punished up to banishing the person violating this rule.

- Any attempt to hack the website for personal reasons and/or for the collection of personal data of other users as well as of the Site is prohibited under any shape and will be reported to the relevant justice forces.

- Any public information that is accessible to any user on the pages of this website, access to which is not prohibited, hidden or limited, may be shared by all legal means for personal and non-commercial use.

- PCsPassion protects your personal information and your account to the best of its abilities. On the contrary, we won't be responsible for any loss of information in the event of hacking. You are also responsible for your account and your information and it is your duty to communicate with us for any suspicious use of your account.

- You may share and disclose, at any time, your account password, personal information, address(es), payment cards, etc. On the other hand, PCsPassion will not be held responsible for any breach of this data.



Policies on Links and Use of Chat

PCsPassion offers an opportunity for visitors/customers to use messaging, leave comments and exchange with others. It is possible to find links, comments and other information from a third party that PCsPassion is not related to and is not held responsible. It is therefore advisable to visit, answer and believe them at your own discretion.  


Resale and Collaborations Policy

Any commercial resale of our products is prohibited without our consent. It is still possible to establish a collaboration and have our authorization for resale on a commercial scale. To contact us please write to us


Payment methods

Only the cardholder must make payments on the Site, and be of legal age and/or be accompanied by a responsible adult (cardholder).

Payment is secure. We accept the following payment methods:

Credit card, Debit card and others

Product and Pricing Policies

PCsPassion may, at any time, make changes to the products, their availability and prices without notify visitors, buyers and members of the Site. PCsPassion will not be responsible for any outdated information.

Discharge of responibility

PCsPassion can't guarantee that the website will operate without interruption at all times. There is a possibility of a loss of connection, page or any other function of the site. This present Site is built with the help of a third party company and PCsPassion cannot promise that its use will provide all the required performance.

Updated 12/23/23

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